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    Welcome to Tower Thames London Limited

    Tower Thames London Limited is an independent marketing and consulting firm with proven track record. Our team can negotiate, do site inspection and verify sent mineral licenses, locate mineral sites and take samples for our clients.  We can equally handle your sample analysis based on the client's requirements. We also buy warehouse, and handle export of minerals for our clients.

    The dossier of our clients base will go a long way in sourcing any of the above mentioned minerals in Nigeria with ease, be it raw ores, mining site acquisition, site visit on our clients behalf , sample taking and testing, coordinate verifications, and others.



    We specialize in negotiating of solid minerals in Nigeria based on successful experience. In Nigeria, we have access to high quality solid minerals and gem stones like gold, silver, graffiti, wofromite, tantalite, columbite, copper, lead, coloured quartz, manganese ole, barite, fluoride and crude oil, nickel, thonum and others.


    Our Team .